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Delta V Technologies provides IT and technology consultancy services to clients across the UK.

What we do

Our team of technology experts can help you get the most out of your IT solutions.

Delta V Technologies is built around you.  Whatever you want to achieve, we want to help you get the most from your hardware and software to help take you closer to that goal.   Our IT experts have experience working in cooperation with some of the big names in IT including BT, Level 3 Communications, Global Switch and CDW – along with many others – which allows us to procure services and equipment quickly and efficiently.

Our hardware division work to deliver the bespoke hardware requirements for our clients – whether that’s a control logic board for an interactive robot, a digital touchscreen solution for the public to interact with, or something else altogether.  Our partnership with local engineering firms allows us to quickly prototype cases and enclosures once the electronics and firmware have been developed, and then rapidly transition these to manufacture.

We also believe in driving innovation.  Our engineers work tirelessly to add new features to existing systems and solutions, but we feel they need a chance to work on new projects.  We give our engineers the freedom to create new software and solutions, along with the time to work on self-paced learning courses to further their knowledge.  This, in turn, leads to new products we can develop further and adapt to meet your needs.




Our comprehensive set of services means that whatever you need, we've got it covered.

Software Consultancy

Need that really awkward piece of software written? Got a trivial problem that's turned into a coding horror?

Delta V's engineering team know the feeling well - and that's why we can take on the hassle and hard work of writing that all important bit of software. Our team will work with you to capture the requirements, design and develop the solution, and then provide all the necessary handover documentation. We'll then support you when new features need adding and keep your show on the road.

Network & Infrastructure

Does the thought of Spanning Tree Protocol drive you loopy? Are your servers running slow? Wifi not quite performing as well as it should?

Our infrastructure consultants have the answers. They can reach deep into the depths of slow performing networks and squeeze every last drop of performance out of them. Whether you're looking to fix and existing network or design a brand new one, perhaps as part of an office move, our engineers are here to help.

Electronics Design & Integration

Need a custom logic board for a project you're working on? Maybe you're creating an interactive experience?

Whatever you need, our hardware engineers are there for you. They can take on electronic design and development work to develop brand new solutions to fit perfectly whatever your requirements. They can also work with our software teams to build the control software, or we can give you documentation and leave that part to you.


Delta V Technologies is always in pursuit of perfection.

Delta V Technologies is a Southampton-based IT and technology services company and was initially formed so that Chris (our director) could pursue his career in providing technology consultancy services as a full time venture.  Chris has always had a passion for delivering the best possible service to all of his clients all of the time.  Chris does not rest until all his clients are satisfied, and we’d like you to be in that number.

Our staff have decades of combined experience, working across Windows, Linux and Mac OS X on desktop, laptop and embedded systems and we’re ready to work on just about anything that the technology industry throws our way.  Our “get stuck in, never give up” attitude assures clients that we will not rest until their project is 100% finished.  No matter how small or large the project is, we’re always in pursuit of perfection.


Want to talk to us?  Great!  Just drop us an email or give us a call and one of our helpful staff will be able to assist.

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